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  1. Services
    At Ikimi Financials we do our very best to provide accurate Forex signals for all of our clients
    IkimiFinancials is focused mainly on providing Forex signals to Forex traders. We believe in mastering one pair at a time and at most two currency pairs. So we only provide signals for the Eur/Usd and the Usd/Cad.
  2. Services
    Success is a journey that begins with the mind, and at Ikimi Financials we believe in influencing every traders mind positively. In other to bring out the best in them.
    We also provides daily news to guide traders with current economic activities, such as news updates. Currency strength, breaking news and economic calendar. We also have a school for Forex, and it is open to all. Classes are within affordable range.
  3. Our Goals
    Building A Healthy Trading Style
    Our goals at IkimiFinancials is to help traders to build a healthy trading style and also teach them on how to trade with courage and also to meet up with their financial goals.
All analysis, advice and chart are ikimifinancial's personal views of the market and should not be taken as a guarantee for success.
*Trading Forex involves significant amount of risk and is not suitable for all investors*