Welcome To  School of  Forex

Students Requirements:

Students are required to pass all weekly Tests with a minimum of 70% and an 80% for the Exams.
Every student is required to open a monthly Forex demo account with Forex.com and send both username and password to instructor before or after enrollments have been approved. 

Note: Your Demo account is a major part of your grades.

  More updates and informations will be posted as needed. Thanks
The school of Forex is designed to procduce the finest traders all over the world. Students are required to follow instructions carefully.
 Lectures will be made available through various methods, as we desire to produce the finest traders in the world.
A nonrefundable registration fee of $100 is required for admissions. A weekly $100 is also required for all the classes during the week. There will be a total of five (5) classes during the week.

Each class during the week = $20 (per class)
Payment plans are also available if needed

For more information please send an email to [email protected]
Week 3: 
     *Money Management* (Advoiding            Margin Calls)
     *The Law of Retracements And Sudden          Bounce in Price*
      *Time Zones For Best Pice Actions*            (And The Significants of Different            Market Opening)
      *How To Get Unstuck From A Bad            Trade* (Cutting Losses And Taking           Profits)
      *Hedging And Leverage Value*

Week 4:
    *Using Historical Prices To Your              Advantage*
     *How To Draw And Accurate Chart*
     *How To Do A Price Research*
     *When To Place A Trade And Not To*
     *Trading Data's* (How To Identify Major         Data's That Can Move The Market)


Week 1:
    *Introduction (General Rules of Trading/Babypips)*
    *Understanding Supports and Resistant*
    *How to know Identify Important Supports and Resistants*
    *Understanding Trendlines and Trend Reversals*
    *What Changes The Trends and How to Follow The Trend*
    *Histories of Pairs and How they affects Monthly, Weekly,        Daily and Hourly Trades*

Week 2
    *Understanding Fundamentals And Technicals*
    *Using Candlesticks*
    *Using Trailing Stops, Stop Loss And Take Profits*
    *Using SMA, EMA, MACD, BOLL, STOC, RSI, And Fibonacci      Retracements*
    *Risk Managements*
    *Trading High And Low Votality*

For list of complete coursework please send an email to [email protected]