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Thursday October 5-2017
​US: Jobless Claims
US: FED Member Speech
Friday October 5- 2017
CA: Unemployment Rate
CAD: Net Change in Employment
CAD: Ivey Purchasing Managers Index
US: Unemployment Rates
US: Nonfarm payrolls
US: FED Member Speech
Thursday OCtober4- 2017
US: Jobless Claims
US:FED Member Speech 
Friday October 5- 2017
CA: Unemployment Rate
CAD:Ivy Purchasing Managers Index
 CAD: Ivey Purchasing Index
CAD: Ivey Purchasing Index s.a
US: Nonfarm Payrolls
US: FED Member Speech
Thursday October 5- 2017
US: Jobless Claims
US: FOMC Members Speech

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Every trader both long term and short term, needs patience to grow.
Forex is a very complex way of generating income and needs a lot of attention. 
Every trader on here is advised that you are trading at your own risk.
Do Not Panic. There are time when the market become indecisive, and moves both ways with no clear directions. Traders at this point tend to close major trades in losses to save the rest of their account. We advice that you ask for a professional advise before you take such actions.
Be emotionally stable before thinking about trading. Whenever you are not 100% calm and stable, please Do Not trade. Also learn to seperate your feelings from your investments.
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